Daredevil may be a lawyer and super hero but love is blind and so is he. In Daredevil #8 he teams up the Black Cat, who steals more than his heart. They break into a high-tech super villain HQ, where they reminisce about “good old-fashioned full-body patdowns.” Black Cat guides his hand down a shaft to disarm the defenses. Fortunately, they trip some lasers before either one of them can “make a billy club joke.” The issue ends with Daredevil taking her back to his place for some debriefing.

Daredevil #9 opens with a not-so-subtle juxtaposition of images. On the left, Daredevil is in a passionate embrace with Black Cat. On the right, a thumbnail of Daredevil smelling his fingers. He’s actually smelling camphor to mask the smell of grave robbers he’s tracking, but just the fact that he’s thinking about the girl he hooked up with while smelling his fingers earns him the nickname horndog.