Community takes its two-dimensional characters to the next level in “Digital Estate Planning.” The group gets digital avatars in an old school video game and must compete for Pierce’s inheritance. But when they break the rules and use teamwork, they get some major competition from the executor of the will, Gilbert Lawson.

They literally battle racism as well. The game features politically incorrect characters and references like sex crazed hippies, the “Valley of Laziness” AKA Mexico, and the “Black Cave” which is filled with jive turkeys that must be killed before they multiply. They successfully obtain the sought-after White Crystal but are quickly dispatched by Gilbert, who uses cheat codes.

The group has to restart the game from the beginning where they reunite with Abed, who stayed behind to start a new life with an NPC named Hilda. By maxing out her trust and affection levels he gains access to a front end scripting language, which among other things allows him to make an army of baby Abeds to defeat the game. There’s also an option for a “Spacetime RPG” referring to Inspector Spacetime, an ongoing parody of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, there’s no time play it but as the episode ends, Abed goes back to download a backup of Hilda. The question isn’t if we’ll see the Inspector Spacetime RPG but when