Adult Swim’s newest series is based on the live-action Black Dynamite movie, which tells the story of one righteous brother’s struggle against “The Man.” The original cast reprise their roles as Black Dynamite (Michael Jai White), Cream corn (Tommy Davidson), Honeybee (Kym Whitley), Bullhorn (Byron Minns), who was killed by kung fu treachery so it’s presumably a prequel.

The Black Dynamite pilot, which was released online last year, is faithful to the source material but more fantastical. It opens with Black Dynamite seducing a Foxy Mama in order to get secret recipe for Massa’s Fried Chicken. In a scene that rivals the rated R movie, she screams out the ingredients as they bump and grind.

The climax is interrupted by the CIA, which wants to recruit Black Dynamite to kick the stuffing out of a puppet! That Frog “TF” Kurtis from Puppet Street, a Sesame Street parody, has turned to pimping kids.

Black Dynamite initially refuses like only he can: “What part of the phrase: Black Dynamite ain’t fucking with you honkies from the CIA no more is it you honkies from the CIA don’t understand?”

The CIA agent gets up in his face and tells him, “This isn’t about the honkies, Black Dynamite. It’s about the children.”

“I never told nobody this but I used to be a children,” he reveals as it cuts to a flashback of Black Dynamite as a child but still sporting a mustache.

It’s dialogue like that which is the heart and soul of Black Dynamite.

It doesn’t look like Adult Swim will water down the adult nature for TV either. The series premiere will feature the provocative pilot. There’s also a new trailer that shows Black Dynamite getting busy a whole lot more.

Panties fall to the ground and narrator warns: “Better watch out girls. Most black dicks are private but he’ll share his with the world.” Followed by a full frontal shot of Black Dynamite’s stick censored by a very long black bar.

Black Dynamite premieres Sunday, July 15 @ 11:30 PM ET/PT