Despite being an X-Man, Emma Frost, has always been a very bad girl and being imbued with Phoenix Force has put her in heat.

In Avengers vs. X-Men #7, Emma goes rogue and betrays Cyclops in more ways than one. She sides with her old flame, Namor, who thinks the X-Men should go on the offensive against the Avengers. Emma telepathically reveals their location while they embrace.

“And I haven’t told Scott,” she whispers in his ear.

Things really heat up in AVX Vs #4. A flashback shows Emma as cane-wielding dominatrix looming over a blindfolded and gagged businessman on his knees. The next man she intends to bend to her will is Thor.

“You will address me as you majesty,” she commands. “And before this day is done, you will kneel before me.”

Emma transforms into her diamond form and hits him where it hurts: his manhood.

“I should have guessed that a boy who takes such girlish effort with his long locks would hit like one,” she chastises him. “Tell me, have you ever wished a woman to put you on all fours and grab hold of that mane? It’s all right. I can keep a secret. Even a god of thunder could use a little whipping now and then. I have such pretty thing to dress you in.”

Thor becomes enraged and literally splits her in half with his hammer!

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