Batman: Li’l Gotham is the “exact opposite” of your typical Batman book explain artist and author Dustin Nguyen and co-writer Derek Fridolfs.

“At times in various platforms, Batman has been extremely dark and taken very seriously,” says Fridolfs. “So respectfully, we’re going in the opposite direction and having a bit of whimsical fun with a whole city of characters beloved by fans and especially ourselves. Li’l size…big enjoyment.”

The book is drawn in Super Deformed (SD) style that features childlike characters with large heads and small bodies. The dark and gloomy colors have been replaced with bright watercolors that creep outside the lines like a child’s drawing. Each issue has an equally cheerful Holiday theme with lots of cameos by friend and foe alike.

“Tying each story to that month’s holiday gives us a really fun opportunity to play with the themes and traditions of each holiday,” says editor Sarah Gaydos. “Dustin and Derek bring something special to each and every page. There are SO many ‘Easter eggs,’ so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!”

Easter eggs like the newest Robin, Damian, breaking the fourth wall while watching a Thanksgiving parade. “Why is my head so fat?! And body so small,” he comments on the Robin float. “Totally unrealistic.” Damian goes on to complain that it’s “not even the right costume,” but it’s actually the original Robin’s costume.

Download Batman: Li’l Gotham for $0.99 an issue on the DC Comics website.