Deadpool Killustrated covers
Deadpool is a superhero with a death wish that’s destined to go unfilled. The problem isn’t his superhuman healing factor, it’s his archenemy: comic book writers!

The so-called “Merc with a Mouth” often demonstrates the ability to break the 4th wall but his freewill only goes so far. He realizes he’s a fictional character that will endlessly be resurrected no matter what he does. Killing his creators is an impossible feat so he does the next best thing and kills their creations in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. It doesn’t work. There are just too many versions of the characters throughout the multiverse.

Deadpool goes straight to the source in Deadpool Killustrated, a 4 issue mini-series that touts “Butchering stories from literature’s finest authors.”

The suicidal superhero forces a group of mad scientists build him a machine to travel through the “ideaverse” and kill the inspiration for the heroes and villains, classic characters like Don Quixote, Moby Dick and Captain Ahab, Tom Sawyer, Scrooge and Sherlock Holmes. Before Deadpool executes the scientists, they manage to deploy warning messages. One of them is received by Sherlock Holmes, who declares “The game is afoot.”

These books are worth getting for the covers alone. Artist Mike Del Mundo beautifully parodies Classics Illustrated, a classic comic book series that adapted literary classics. Heck, you can’t afford not get them because if Deadpool has his way, they could be all that’s left of literature.

Classics Illustrated - Deadpool Killustrated cover sources