Morrissey Ducks Out on Jimmy Kimmel (Duck Dynasty parody Carrot Call)
Morrissey may be a musician but he’s a vegetarian first, apparently. He gave late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel an ultimatum to choose either him or the stars of Duck Dynasty, an A&E reality show about a family of duck hunters.

“As far as my reputation is concerned, I can’t take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers,” he said in a statement. “If Jimmy cannot dump ‘Duck Dynasty,’ then we must step away.”

Kimmel addressed the incident with large serving of humor.

“While I respect his stance on this, I really do, there’s a very good reason why I didn’t dump the guys Duck Dynasty guys for Morrissey and it’s because they have guys,” the comedian laughed.

He went on to point out the hypocrisy in appearing on other talk shows, which air commercials selling meat.

Finally, Kimmel skewered him with a vegan version of Duck Dynasty called “Carrot Call,” in which the boys hunt animated vegetables. One of them hollers, “I love yuppie food!”