Mickey Mouse Tokyo Go
Each week Mickey Mouse shorts feature exotic locations from around the world. This week Mickey heads to the far East in “Tokyo Go.” Mickey misses his train after he gets caught up in a crowd of Japanese businessmen being herded by an attendant known as a pusher (oshiya). He navigates his way through the packed train, which somehow has room for an impromptu sumo match, then climbs on the roof for some literal train hopping!

This action packed sequence feels like it should have one of those warnings: “don’t try this at home, kids.” In a scene reminiscent of the Japanese game show “Human Tetris,” Mickey contorts his body into various shapes to avoid the overhanging signs. He jumps as his train passes underneath and in the process loses his shorts for the second time in the series.

The state-of-the-art bullet train arrives at Tokyo Disneyland, which is anything but modern. Mickey punches in for work as the conductor for the iconic steam engine train that debuted way back in Mickey’s Choo-Choo (1929). It’s a heartwarming scene that makes you yearn for simpler times, and perhaps not-so coincidentally a vacation to the theme park.

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