Top 10 Ghost Shark Death Scenes

Syfy channel original movies aren’t known for their elaborate stories but Ghost Shark has an especially light plot. The shark steals a kill from some redneck fishers. They shoot the shark and it dies but not before swimming into a cursed cave that allows its ghost to appear wherever there’s water, which leads to lots of unique deaths.

Top 10 Ghost Shark Death Scenes:


A douchebag does a cannonball off diving board as Ghost Shark jumps out the pool. His decapitated head lands on a beer bottle.


The Museum Curator (Robert Aberdeen) runs toward Ghost Shark to save a model lighthouse and loses his arm.


Finch (Richard Moll) manages to survive until the end despite living in the cave that harbors the corpse of Ghost Shark. Perhaps it leaves him alone because he’s protective of the cave, which also happens to be where his wife died. But when he decides to help the kids blow it up, the creature rains hell down him.


Taylor (Amy Brassette) isn’t your stereotypical blonde that waits for a man to save her. She commandeers a jet ski from Cameron (Jaren Mitchell), who ignores her calls for help. Unfortunately, Ghost Shark materializes ahead of her. It leaps out of the water and bites off her top half just before she makes it ashore.


The local plumber gets sucked down a drain under the sink by Ghost Shark.


Car wash girl’s legs kick as she is pulled down a soap bucket by Ghost Shark.


Blaise (Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis) spots some kids playing in open fire hydrant and warns them about Ghost Shark. They refuse to move so scares them away with car. They thank their savior by chasing after him until Ghost Shark bites off the torsos of two kids.


Fat kid uses a shark-themed Slip ‘n Slide straight into the mouth of Ghost Shark.


Mayor Glen (Lucky Johnson) hunts for Ghost Shark but his search literally ends up the crapper along with him.


The mayor’s assistant, Henry (Michael Whitener), drinks from a glowing water cooler. He immediately become nauseous and coughs up blood. His head splits in half and Ghost Shark emerges. There’s no explanation why more people aren’t killed this way since humans are 60% water. Perhaps we’ll find out in the sequel Ghost Shark Tooo… (that’s how a Ghost Shark says the number two).