NTSF SD SUV Robocop Parody
Robocop gets a decidedly darker take in the NTSF SD SUV episode “Hawaii Die-0.”

When Agent Eddy is killed in action, Daisy (Karen Gillan) transforms him into a robo guard called EdDroid (Ed Helms). The other agents comment on how lifelike the robot seems and that it’s a good thing it doesn’t have feelings despite his constant pleas otherwise.

“I’m fully aware. I feel everything.” he explains while the President of the Navy mocks him with crying gestures.

Even when his co-workers aren’t abusing him, all EdDroid wants to do is shut down or at least turn off his Head-Up Display (HUD), which analyzes even the most mundane of objects like a chair (repeatedly). His admirable service earns him a comfortable retirement as sex robot for the Navy.

Daisy notes, “Fortunately, you don’t have feelings.”

“Which will make you a glorious prostitute,” Kove adds.