Saturday Night Live Schweddy Balls Christmas Ornaments

Schweddy Balls are the perfect kitsch Christmas ornaments. They’re based on the classic Saturday Night Live sketch starring Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy, a baker whose specialty is his balls.

“There’s no beating my balls,” he explains in an NPR interview with Delicious Dish hosts Margaret Jo McCullen (Ana Gasteyer) and Teri Rialto (Molly Shannon). “They’re made from a secret Schweddy family recipe. No one can resist my Schweddy balls.”

These glistening balls come in pairs but don’t worry about having to buy a Schweddy Ball sack to hold them. An open window gift style box proudly displays your Schweddy Balls.

Use it at the company Christmas party for great pickup lines like:
“Can you help me hang my Schweddy Balls?”
“Do you think my Schweddy balls are hanging too low?”
“Is the bush covering up my Schweddy Balls?”

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