Doctor Who Google Doodle

The Google homepage is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with a time traveling game that lets you play as all the Doctors, not including the War Doctor (John Hurt) but we all no he doesn’t count. The Doctor Who Google Doodle, or “Whodle” as it’s known, was headed up by Google’s resident Brit, Matthew Cruickshank.

“I wrote the great things about Doctor Who, the things that fans would want to see,” Cruickshank told the Guardian. “It came down to celebrating – obviously – all of the Doctors; I love the idea of regeneration. And then Daleks, and Tardises. Those are basically the three key points. The thing is that he’s a Time Lord, a time traveller, so I really wanted to get the feeling across that you could travel to different eras. I definitely didn’t want you to just play one level and that is it, I love the idea of the Doctor being able zoom around the universe.”

The game starts when a Dalek steals the Google logo and hides the letters across time and space, a reference to when the Doctor’s companion Rose does the same thing with the words “bad wolf.” Choose your favorite Doctor and use the TARDIS to track down the letters. They’re guarded by Doctor Who villains including Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels, which are the only real challenge in the game. Weeping Angels are supposed to move only when you’re not looking at them but it appears someone reversed the polarity. When all else fails resort to the Doctor’s tried and true strategy: RUN! Don’t worry about dying. After all, the Doctor has a lot of lives, which the game will cycle through in chronological order.

Doctor Who Google Doodle (Dalek and Weeping Angel)