Star Wars Episode VII J.J. Abram and R2-D2

The official Star Wars website has confirmed R2-D2 will appear in Star Wars Episode VII. Director J.J. Abrams hinted it last week by tweeting a photo of himself standing beside the droid and its creators, Lee Towersey and Oliver Steeples from the R2-D2 Builders Club. Towersey and Steeples have had their work featured in a series of Star Wars commercials in the UK for Currys.

“We know the pressures of filming, prepping, and being able to assure reliability throughout the shoot,” says Towersey. “We have a good knowledge of Artoo, with a large stock of parts for reference and drawings, plus we know what is involved throughout the whole building process, as well as potential problems we need to avoid.”

It’s unknown whether Kenny Baker while reprise the role but he may not be needed. R2-D2 is getting a major upgrade.

“What we do need to do is improve on the mechanics,” Towersey explains. “We’re currently in a research and design phase where we’re looking at drive options for reliability on all possible terrains, whether it be a one-motor-does-all, or a system which is easily adjusted depending on terrain. We have a few mocked up ideas which we hope to road test very soon.”

C-3PO  has yet to be confirmed. In fact, Anthony Daniels says he’s literally waiting by the phone for Abrams to call. It’s hard to imagine Artoo without Threepio but maybe Abrams wants to avoid any Jar Jar Binks comparisons.

Which is the droid you’re looking for when you watch <em>Star Wars</em>?

C-3PO VS R2-D2