The Walking Dead goes to war with readers (Negan The Walking Dead 116).jpg
The war between Rick and Negan has just begun and we already have our first casualty: civility. Writer Robert Kirkman and editor Sean Mackiewicz get snarky answering hate mail in letters page of The Walking Dead #116. Most of it was regarding issue 114. In particular, how Negan’s snipers can shoot a gun out a hand but not kill Jesus. The given explanation was that they were no longer in position at that point in the story.

“I feel like I’m not doing my job if someone doesn’t write in saying an issue ‘jumped the shark and ruined the series’ each month,” Kirkman joked.

Ironically, Kirkman’s own words may have lost him this argument because as Rick explains, “Whoever attacks first… wins.”
The Walking Dead 116 (Jesus and Rick)