Zooey Deschanel guest stars on American Dad
Zooey Deschanel plays Steve Smith’s love interest on this week’s episode of American Dad, “Independent Movie.”

Steve asks for her name but instead she gives him a long-winded speech about how her name wouldn’t actually tell him anything about her like how she thinks “mustaches are T-shirts for lips.”

He introduces himself by explaining that he’s the type of guy who convinces his best friend to attend the funeral for his estranged father, then ditches him when he meets his “manic pixie dream girl.”

The revelation is a major turn off. She dubs him an “emotional tourist” as she exits a hot tub fully-clothed then dries herself off with a stuffed animal.


This isn’t Deschanel’s first appearance on the series. She voiced two strippers (French Maid and Candy Striper Stripper) in “Stan Knows Best”