Ron Burgundy sings backup for Christopher Cross on Jimmy Kimmel
Will Ferrell made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote both the Anchorman 2 movie and soundtrack, which is available on vinyl with a mustachioed album cover.

Ferrell later took the stage as Ron Burgundy to sing “Ride like the Wind” with Christopher Cross, who is featured on the soundtrack along with a cover by Robin Thicke.

“I am a big fan of Will Ferrell and I am thrilled to be involved in the resurgence of the track,” Cross said in press release. “I love the modern touches Thicke has added and am excited that ‘Ride Like The Wind’ is being introduced to new audiences.”

Burgundy sings backup but sing is a strong word. He mostly gives commentary on the lyrics.

“That’s right, folks.” he affirms. “When Ron Burgundy rides, he rides like the wind. Not like a Subaru or a golf cart. Like a god darn wind. Powerful and sleek and invisible. You feel that draft up your skirt ladies? That’s me.”

Rest assured Christopher Cross fans, the commentary is restricted to the Robin Thicke cover on the album.