All-New Marvel Now! Point One 1 (Muslim Ms. Marvel)
The new Muslim Ms. Marvel makes her first full appearance in All New Marvel Now Point One #1 following a cameo in Captain Marvel #17.

The rubbish story fittingly opens in a garbage dump with Ms. Marvel fighting a robot composed of trash. In a very unheroic move she runs away when she gets a call from her strict Pakistani mother, who tells her not to be late for the mehndi (pre-wedding party).  The 8 page preview is filled with foreign words and cultural insights that come across as heavy-handed as the shapeshifter’s oversized hand, which looks like a ripoff of the anime character Luffy from One Piece. Writer G. Willow Wilson says she drew on her own experiences as a young girl, which include converting to Islam.

Ms. Marvel #1 will launch in February and be cancelled shortly after if they continue to shovel this garbage down our throats.

All-New Marvel Now! Point One 1 (Muslim Ms. Marvel VS Captain Marvel)