Superman returns GoPro camera and takes you along for the ride

Usually you have to fall off a building to fly with Superman but now you can watch him soar the skies with a first person perspective. Superman (Will Sterling) finds a lost GoPro camera and wears it as flies to Metropolis to return it to Sam Gorski, who just so happens to be the director of the Corridor Digital YouTube channel. Gorski is more concerned with lawn than meeting the Man of Tomorrow, who is apparently an everyday experience for the citizens of Metropolis.

“Oh man, my yard,” he sighs when the superhero flies off, leaving a huge crater in his wake. “Aw dang it, Superman.”

Along the way to return the camera, Supes lands to stop some criminals and save a damsel in distress (Karin Lee) but the rest of the time he flies high iconic Metropolis landmarks like Dodgers stadium. The viral video was created with the aid of a GoPro camera mounted to drone operated by filmmaker Taylor Chien.