The Waking Dead attend their own funeral party (Mickey Easterling)

Not everyone takes death lying down. New Orleans socialite Mickey Easterling kept the party going by hosting her own wake. She was given a life-like pose among garden scenery meant to depict her backyard. Easterling donned her usual flamboyant costume including her hat, boa, a glass of champagne, cigarette and a rhinestone pin that reads “#1 Bitch.” The five foot tall woman was “larger-than-life” said the makeup artist.

“Sure, I have a big ego,” Easterling said in a previous interview. “I like power. Why not? It’s my Napoleon attitude. And by the way, I’m not a tall woman, but I’m taller than Napoleon.”

Over one thousand people attended the wake held at the Saenger Theater, where Easterling regularly hosted opening parties for the cast of Broadway shows.

Easterling isn’t the first person to use “extreme embalming,” which takes quadruple the time mortician Caleb Wild told ABC News.

Real-life Ghost Rider attends his own funeral

“It would mean we would have to change how we embalm a person,” Wild explained. “We would likely have to use a harder fluid so the body would stay stiff in that position and [the person would] have to be embalmed in the position they would be viewed. If we were given that request, it would certainly be something we would take a hard look at.”