Amazing Spider-Man French kisses Gwen Stacy on Saturday Night Live
Amazing Spider-Man kiss Saturday Night Live SNL (Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield)Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield recreated their love scene on the Brooklyn Bridge in Amazing Spider-Man 2 for a super sexy skit on Saturday Night Live. The actors have no idea how normal people kiss and end up doing multiple takes of bad kisses including an awkward French kiss with nothing but air. Garfield looks ridiculous wagging his tongue around but Stone looks like a porn actress with her pale pink tongue hanging out of her mouth. Fanboys everywhere experienced a different kind of tingling sense.

Cold Play lead singer Chris Martin offers to show the clueless couple how it’s done. Stone readily agrees to kiss the hunk but to her surprise he partners up with Garfield instead.

Amazing Spider-Man French kisses Cold Play on Saturday Night Live SNL (Chris Martin and Andrew Garfield)

“Now you listen to me you beautiful spidery man,” Martin forcefully tells him. “With great power comes great responsibility, and our responsibility right now is to make sweet, sweet love so why don’t you go ahead and show me that beautiful little tongue.”

Garfield sticks out his tongue and they passionately kiss, which explains Gwen’s ‘accident.’