Bratz dolls kill Barbie on Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken does a killer parody of I Know What You Did Last Summer in this week’s episode “Catdog on a Stick.” The new Bratz dolls kill Barbie.

“And not just with market share this time,” Sasha jokes about a hit and run that results from texting while driving.

A mysterious masked woman kills them using in inventive ways related to their looks. Chloe explains that the Bratz dolls intentionally infected themselves with encephalitis because “freakishly large heads are sexy.” But the killer hides Chloes’ medication and her head explodes. Another commits suicide when the ass fat is sucked out her lips. The third gets shot because she runs out of ideas.

“What are you waiting for?” anxiously screams Yasmin, who is poetically run over herself.

Robot Chicken Bratz doll Butt Virginity

The killer reveals she’s actually Draculaura from Monster High, the latest doll line. Yasmin begs for her life and says she’ll give her anything even her butt virginity. After the credits a brief scene shows the Brat bent over the hood of a car. There’s a popping sound then she screams in terror.

Best anti texting while driving PSA ever!