Face Off American Gangster (Tony Big Tuna Accardo)

On this week’s episode “American Gangster,” Face Off contestants were tasked with creating Dick Tracy villains inspired by real gangsters but the winners ended looking more like Batman villains, specifically Penguin and Victor Zsasz.

Cig Neutron and George Troester III teamed up to create Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo, which all the judges agreed was by far the best.

“This is absolutely the catch of the day,” praised judge Lois Burwell (The Princess Bride).

The fish-themed gangster bears more than a passing resemblance to the Penguin but with a Tuna bat rather than an umbrella. His skin folds take on the appearance of gills. More subtle details included dribble running down his mouth. The biggest feature was the fat suit, for which Cig was awarded overall winner.

Face Off American Gangster (Charles The Typewriter Nicoletti)

Rachael Wagner and Vince Niebla were runner-ups with their version of Charles “The Typewriter” Nicoletti. Like Victor Zsasz, he commemorates his victims by carving them into his skin.

The judges loved the concept but agreed that the paint job could use some work.

“I probably would have punched the paint job a little bit more. Rings under the eyes. Some beard shadowing,” explained judge Doug Drexler (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). “The face really is begging for that but it cuts a striking figure. I think you’re very successful there.”

Face Off airs Tuesday 9 p.m. on Syfy.