Susan Storm AKA the Invisible Woman is desperate to have a baby but it’s not her biological clock ticking; it’s a doomsday clock. The fate of the Ultimate universe depends on Susan Storm and Reed Richards AKA Mister Fantastic having a child named Franklin Richards, an Omega-Level mutant with godlike powers. Just one problem. She despises him. In the Ultimate universe, Mister Fantastic becomes a supervillain and Sue starts dating Ben Grimm AKA the Thing. Reed tries and fails to win her back after he visits the mainstream universe and witnesses the Fantastic Four still together as well as their children Franklin and Valeria.

Fantastic Four Ducktor Doom (Doctor Doom) Simian Storm (Susan Storm)  Ultimate Spider-Ham (Miles Morhames) Ultimate FF 5

The only thing bigger than the baby bombshell is the ‘person’ who drops it: Miles Morhames AKA Ultimate Spider-Ham from Earth-8311, an alternate Earth populated with anthropomorphic superheroes and supervillains. Spider-Ham delivers the warning in Ultimate FF #5 by writer Joshua Hale Fialkov.

Spider-Ham explains his universe was destroyed shortly after the appearance of Galactypus but it was Invisible Gorilla who was responsible. Her relationship with Ben Grizzly ended then Simian Storm fell in love with Ducktor Doom, who convinced her to kill billions to save millions. He goes on to say that the results are the same in every universe where Sue and Reed have no children. She insists that there must be another way.

Fantastic Four Invisible Woman rapes Mister Fantastic (Susan Storm and Reed Richards Ultimate FF 5)
Sue tracks down Reed at the destroyed Baxter Building and literally forces him to give her a baby. The Invisible Woman uses her force fields to restrain Reed and take what she needs from him. Sue constructs surgical tools to presumably take a DNA sample. She promises to block his pain receptors but screams can be heard from outside the building on the final page. Of course, it could just be from the shock of seeing the woman he loves cut away who knows what body parts or how much. Unfortunately, Ultimate FF #6 will be the final issue of the cancelled series. Hopefully, this truly fantastic storyline will continue in other titles within the Ultimate universe but that too is rumored to be ending. Maybe we really do need Franklin after all!

Fantastic Four Invisible Woman rapes Mister Fantastic force field surgery (Susan Storm and Reed Richards Ultimate FF 5)