Face Off brings movie posters to life Killer Instinct The Second Chumming

Face Off contestants got to work on actual movies in this week’s episode “Killer Instinct.” They created their own movie monsters based on fictional horror movie posters complete with taglines. The Creative Directors for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Orlando made a special appearance to announce they would feature the winning makeups from past seasons as well as the winner of the movie poster challenge.

Face Off Killer Instinct The Second Chumming

Cig Neutron landed in the top three with his living Chum Bag based on the movie poster for The Second Chumming with the tagline “Swim at your own risk.”

Chum Bag was a salty sea captain whose crew mutinied and threw him in with chum that fused with his body. The melted monster is reminiscent of Tarman, the terrifying zombie from The Return of the Living Dead.

Judge Neville Page praised the texture given the limited time the constants had. While, judge Glenn Hetrick noted the innovated way in which Cig attached a moveable tongue to the actor’s chin, which also allowed for the jaw to substantially lowered to the point that it appears to be falling off his face.

It may seem fishy but Chum Bag didn’t win. It wasn’t realistic enough for the judges and without the poster backstory it’s not instantly recognizable.

Face Off Killer Instinct Axe Girlfriend Halloween Horror Nights

George Troester III won the challenge with his creation for the movie poster Axe Girlfriend with the tagline “Breakups can be hell.”

“This is my first win,” George noted. “It feels great. People are gonna pay to be scared by my makeup. That’s really cool.”

Axe Girlfriend is a murdered mistress, who came back from the dead to collect the fingers of men for her necklace.

“That’s really horrible in a good way,” Page commented when examining the work close up.

Hetrick complimented George on not going overboard and keeping it to a single gunshot wound to the head. The realism is perfectly suited for the theme park and the French maid costume probably didn’t hurt either.

Face Off Killer Instinct Bone Appetit

Even if George hadn’t won, it’s likely Chum Bag still would been axed by finalist Rachael Wagner, who also did a more human character. Her creation was based on a movie poster for Bone Appetit, which featured the tagline “Dinner is served.”

Wagner created an elderly baroness, who throws parties where the main-course is you. She’s a demon with a mouth in her stomach that flaps open and close as the actress moves wires attached to her fingers. All the judges’ jaws drop over the monster’s mouth but Lois Burwell did have one criticism.

“I like the tummy teeth but I think to actually make it more into a mouth it needs to be more moist looking,” Burwell told Rachael.

Face Off airs 9 PM Tuesday on Syfy.