Jennifer Love Hewitt cleavage on Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Love Hewitt looked even more curvaceous than usual in her first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live since giving birth. Hewitt insisted she’s always been curvy but she received numerous comments about her pregnancy weight. It can supposedly be used to predict the sex of the baby depending on whether it’s in the front or backside.

“They’re like ‘You’re really carrying in the backside,'” she told the host. “I have been carrying in the backside since I was fifteen. This is not pregnancy. This is just who I am. Or they’re like ‘It’s really in your boobs.’ I’m like, it’s been there too since I was fifteen.'”

Jennifer Love Hewitt ugly faces on Jimmy Kimmel

The only time the actress didn’t look good was when she made faces of disgust. It was the reaction she expected in the delivery from her husband, Brian Hallisay. To her surprise he said all the right things.

“He should be a male doula, my husband. He was a rock,” she said.

Hewitt also promoted her new role as FBI agent Kate Callahan on Criminal Minds, which is a very different than her previous role working at a massage parlor in The Client List.

“My first day, I found a limb on the ground, which is so not what I’m used to,” she said. “Usually I massage limbs. Now they’re just dismembered and on the ground so it’s very scary.”

Criminal Minds premieres Wednesday at 9PM on CBS.