Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three 1 John Costantine daughter Rose Porter

Superman was orphaned as a child so he’s retuning the favor. The son of Green Arrow and Black Canary was his first victim. Now John Costantine’s daughter is orphaned in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #1.

Yellow Lantern Superman kills the Green Lantern Corps in the war for Earth. Their bodies fall out of the sky and demolish the surrounding buildings including the home of a little girl named Rose Porter. Her parents are killed but it’s revealed John Constantine is her actual father. It’s uncertain whether Rose is aware of their relationship as she refers to him as John. He stayed away to protect her from his enemies. Constantine had several children with the demoness Rosacarnis (pre-52 reboot) but Rose’s mother and step-father were presumably ordinary humans since he felt she would be safer with them. The magician immediately senses a magical presence watching them and retreats to the Tower of Fate, an impregnable fortress that exists outside of space and time.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three 1 John Costantine Detective Chimp

Doctor Fate and Zatanna are equally clueless to the entity’s identity, which means it’s something very powerful. Constantine guesses either a god or the Spirit of Vengeance, i.e., the Spectre or his predecessor Eclipso. They do know whatever it is, it’s bad news.

“I fear a great malevolence has risen to aid Superman,” Fate warns.

Constantine leaves his daughter at the Tower until he can get to the bottom of the mystery. He asks Zatanna to teleport him to “the greatest detective in the world.” We naturally assume he’s talking about Batman but the final panel reveals it’s actually Bobo the Detective Chimp. The chimpanzee gained the ability to speak to all animals after being exposed to the Fountain of Youth. He’s a member of Mensa and a brilliant tactician. Detective Chimp led the superhero team Shadowpact against Eclipso and the Spectre (pre-52 reboot), which could be a another clue at their involvement.

Spectre takes vengeance on Superman’s enemies in Injustice