Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two 23 Black Canary contact lenses Yellow Lantern Superman kills

Superman has murdered both villains and heroes in the Injustice series but he’s never been caught in the act until now. Black Canary reveals she recorded Yellow Lantern Superman using his heat vision to kill her unborn child. She survives long enough to explain the consequences of his actions in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #23.

“You don’t get to hide behind your hero facade any longer,” she tells him. “You might win this war. You might kill all those who tried to stop you. But everyone will know what you are now. They’ll know you’re not their savior. The whole world will fear you.”

Black Canary’s Fate revealed in Injustice series

Yellow Lantern Superman embraces the fear and flies off to slaughter the Green Lantern Corps using heat vision, yellow ring energy blasts and even snapping necks. He has an almost comical confrontation with their leader, Ganthet. The delusional superhero essentially tells him ‘Look what you made me do.’

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two 23 Sinestro kills Green Lantern John Stewart

Green Lantern John Stewart attempts to stop the fighting on both sides. He agrees to hear out Sinestro, who tries to recruit him as he did Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan. Sinestro kills Stewart when he refuses to switch sides but assures him that he’ll help them in even in death.

Sinestro tells Hal that Green Lantern Guy Gardner caused the death of his friend by bringing the war to Earth. He also plays on his fears by suggesting Guy planned it so that he would be Earth’s only Green Lantern. Guy refuses to fight his formed teammate. He tells him to fight the influence of the yellow ring.

“Hal. You can still be the best of us,” he implores to no avail.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two 23 Green Lantern Hal Jordan kills Guy Gardner

Hal literally disarms him. He rips off his power ring along with the arm, which is still in a cast after Superman snapped it like a twig. Without his ring Guy plummets towards the ground. Guy is presumably dead unlike Black Canary in the previous cliffhanger. Not only is he gushing blood but we can see the impact from him hitting the ground so we know a superhero didn’t sweep in to save him at the last second. There is one hope for the Warrior. Guy is part Vuldarian, an alien race that possess superhuman powers including a healing factor. His alien DNA was overwritten in the mainstream universe but not necessarily the Injustice universe. A Green Lantern Super Guy may be the only one who can beat Yellow Lantern Superman.