SNL Charli XCX cleavage breasts
Saturday Night Live musical guest Charli XCX gave a sexually charged performance of “Boom Clap” and “Break the Rules” off her new album Sucker. XCX dressed provocatively in comparison to her all girl band, who wore grey suits with slicked back hair. The busty babe visibly shook with each sway of her hips. She also showed off her long legs with short shorts and wedge platforms. XCX did “Break the Rules” for her second set. She performed wild pelvic thrusts followed by a hand gesture for masturbation. The masculine movements and suits could have been intended as some form of female empowerment but the singer’s bondage-like collar would seem to belie that. On the other hand, the suits could have been chosen to ensure all eyes were on her. “I’m such a star,” XCX sings after all.

SNL Charli XCX humping air sex
Look out Miley Cyrus… Charli XCX Bangerz tour!?