Conan O'Brien stars in Archer cartoon

Conan O’Brien gave his most animated performance yet during an appearance by H. Jon Benjamin, star of the FX cartoon Archer. The secret agent was being chased by Russian mobsters and asked Conan to shoot at them for him. The host is initially befuddled by the handgun but quickly learns to revel in the rush of using a firearm.

Archer cartoon Conan O'Brien shooting gun

The thrill doesn’t last. Conan runs out of bullets but their pursuers don’t. He describes their predicament as the “Danger Zone” a reference to the Kenny Loggins’ song from Top Gun, Archer’s personal theme music.

Conan is is equally perplexed by a grenade, which results in a load of sexual double entendre.

“Give me the grenade so I can get these guys off,” he tells his giggling companion. “So I just pull this out and it explodes.”

Unfortunately, it prematurely explodes and ruins Archer’s car as well as any hope of a future team-up.

Archer airs Thursday 10PM on FX.