Conan Flaming C episodes Comic-Con

Conan O’Brien’s alter ego the Flaming C will make an appearance at Comic-Con. Conan announced he will premiere 3 new episodes featuring the patchwork superhero created by DC Comics artist Bruce Timm.

The Flaming C synopsis:

In the not-so-distant future, the President (Jon Glaser) has his consciousness sucked out by an evil toilet (Andy Richter). The Flaming C (Conan) and his intern Rachel (Ellie Kemper) search the multiverse for it in their talking car (Steven Wright).

The animation quality is noticeably different from the original “episodes” that were actually just edited clips of the Cartoon Network series Young Justice. The new episodes feature all-new original animation by Warner Bros.

Expect to see even more of the Flaming C at Comi-Con. The host recently requested Conan fan art for use during the broadcast.

Conan Live from Comic-Con airs July 8-11 @ 11PM on TBS.