Google Doodle honors Godzilla Ultraman creator Eiji Tsuburaya

Godzilla creator Eiji Tsuburaya is considered the godfather of Japanese special effects films known as tokusatsu. Google celebrates what would have been his 114th birthday with a Google Doodle that challenges you to make your own tokusatsu. Fast-paced tasks like suiting up the actor simulate the hectic atmosphere present at Tsuburaya’s studio, which Doodler Jennifer Hom visited for authenticity.

“We wanted to witness the studio’s production in person to be able to create an authentic filmmaking experience within our Doodle,” Hom explained. “Their construction process is incredible: all of their costumes and props are made by hand, in a secret studio. The workspace felt organized and messy at the same time, with each member having their own system behind which materials lived where. And there was a palpable respect for the tradition and legacy that they’re upholding through their craft.”

Tsuburaya didn’t single-handedly create the King of Monsters acknowledges a biography included on Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. Godzilla production designer Toshiro Aoki compared him to a sushi chef whose job it is to assemble the ingredients gathered by staff.