Jimmy Kimmel Matthew Broderick Nathan Lane Trump Producers

Jimmy Kimmel parodies the Broadway musical The Producers in his annual Oscar special. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane devise a scheme to fundraise for a unelectable candidate and keep the money when his campaign implodes.

“But wait, wait,” Lane thinks out loud. “This candidate, he’s gotta be the worst candidate in history. A real trainwreck. A schmuck. A putz. A grade A, world-class, gold-plated nincompoop.”

Naturally, they choose Donald Trump but he wins no matter how ridiculous his campaign promises.

“A story that starts off funny then gets really, really depressing,” says a review.

Depressing because it’s apparently based on a true story. Trump looks to solidify his frontrunner status this Super Tuesday, which accounts for nearly half of the delegates in the republican primary. A CNN/ORC poll has the comedic candidate at 49% nationally.