Conan Regina Hall Yoni Egg stone Kegel exercise
Regina Hall certainly knows how to make a segue. The actress went on Conan to promote her new movie about surrogacy titled When the Bough Breaks. She has a different kind of a bun in the oven. Hall uses Yoni Eggs, an ancient Chinese practice of placing mystical stones in the womb. The stones need to be charged for 8 hours in the Sun to obtain the mystical properties but Conan recommended microwaving it to save time. Now that’s hot pocket.

Hall revealed she was wearing a yoni egg during her interview. “Don’t make me sneeze cause they can shoot out,” she warned.

Yoni eggs come in three sizes. Beginners counter-intuitively start with the largest egg and work their way down until the muscles can grip the smaller egg. There are also three type of eggs: Jade, Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz, which Hall uses for herself. The pink stone is said to help with romantic love by affecting heart chakra, one of seven types of spiritual energy. They also have a more practical use. Sexual intimacy as well as urinary incontinence are improved by toning the pelvic floor.

The eggs are obviously intended for women but Conan revealed he too was walking around with a “composite” brick.

Regina Hall does Kegels on Conan

Hall says she stays in shape doing yoga while focusing on Muladhara, or root chakra located in the pelvis. She demonstrated Kegel exercises, which involve contracting the muscles used to stop urination. Men can also benefit from Kegels unlike yoni eggs.

Conan perked up upon learning that the exercise can help erectile dysfunction. However, it was a real downer when the eager beaver suggested doing it 70% of the day! That much might actually break the bough. Fortunately, the National Institutes of Health recommends a more sensible regime of “10 repetitions, 3 to 5 times a day.”