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NBC’s superhero sitcom Powerless has been pulled due to low ratings. The mild-manner show stars Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke, the newly hired R&D director at Wayne Security. The company is being run into the ground by Bruce Wayne’s incompetent cousin, Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk).

Powerless will not air this week or next. This, I know for sure. I can guess some other things but they’re not good. Thanks for watching,” executive producer Patrick Schumacker tweeted.

Schumacker later Schumacker clarified Powerless was not “officially canceled.”

Its status, or lack of, was confirmed by fellow EP Justin Halpern in reddit AMA discussion.

“Right now it’s up in the air. I could see it getting burned off on Hulu or something, but right now I just don’t know” Halpern explained. “Just to be clear, we were pulled off the air, NOT cancelled. I don’t want people thinking that the fate of this show has been decided because it has not. Obviously, it’s not great to have episodes taken off the air, but NBC won’t make any official proclamations until mid-may. And anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know sheeeeeeet. You never know what could happen. Again, as I said in other places in this thread. Everything is up in the air.”

Powerless but not hopeless

NBC will eventually air the remaining episodes according to Spoiler TV. The season has 3 episodes yet to air. Van’s cowardice results in tentacle arm transplant for an injured employee in “Van of the Year.” Superman reverses time to prevent the death of Lois Lane in “No Consequence Day.” And Adam West AKA Batman guest stars in the finale “Win, Luthor, Draw.”

Chairman West delivers the bad news when Wayne Security is bought by Lexcorp. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor attempts to destroy the world with an alien invasion.

“I love our finale. It was fucking bananas in a great way. I hope people get to see it,” Halpern touted.

Even if Powerless is cancelled, another superhero show is ready to pick up the mantle.

“We do have ideas for future shows, and actually, we are going to be hopefully pitching a show very soon that has a really big DC property attached,” Halpern revealed. “We’re very excited about it.”

No details were disclosed about the untitled project. However, Halpern may have given a clue about the plot when asked about the possibility of a second season.

“I feel like, had the show gone forward, we’d be introducing new villains and maybe spending some time with them. Seeing a Villain have to live all the other shitty parts of their lives that aren’t flying around tossing fireballs is something of interest to me.”

Could his next project be about supervillain day jobs? After all, superheroes are always telling us that crime doesn’t pay.

Powerless has been officially cancelled with no word about unaired episodes.