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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Summer of Swim Hailey Clauson mermaid Coney Island

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hailey Clauson makes a splash at Coney Island

New Yorkers usually head to the beach to cool off but it will be hot and steamy in Coney Island on Sunday. The boardwalk will host the first Summer of Swim Fan Festival featuring Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models including Hailey Clauson, Nina Agdal, Hannah Ferguson, Ashley Graham, Hannah Jeter, Samantha Hoopes and Chanel ... [Read More]
Rick and Morty courtroom reenactment State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen

Rick and Morty have animated discussion in courtroom reenactment

Rick and Morty reenact the State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen, which went viral because of the profanity-laced exchange between the defendant & judge. Justin Roiland voices both cartoon characters, which is fitting as the childish back-and-forth sounds like someone arguing with themselves. The foul-mouthed defendant ... [Read More]
Simpsons 3am phone call Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

Simpsons vote for Hillary Clinton…and Donald Trump?

The Simpsons have a marital spat over whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in a new online exclusive. Marge makes up her mind to vote for Hillary after watching a parody of her infamous "3 a.m. phone call" campaign ad against Barack Obama in 2008. Trump is indifferent despite the ... [Read More]
Hardees Carls Jr commercial Emily Sears Genevieve Morton Elena Belle lesbian 3-way fantasy

Carl’s Jr commercial has threesome fantasy too sexy for TV

Carl's Jr. & Hardee's new Bacon 3-Way Burger features a spokesmodel threesome: Australian model Emily Sears, Swedish model Elena Belle and South African model Genevieve Morton, who showed off her buns in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2015. "I'm so excited to be a part of such an iconic campaign," Genevieve told SI. ... [Read More]
Wonder Woman Earth One Elizabeth Candy Etta Candy Lesbian gay

Wonder Woman a lesbian nymphomaniac?!

Has Wonder Woman been living a lie? Diana uses her lasso of truth on herself in Wonder Woman: Rebirth by writer Greg Rucka and artist Liam Sharp. She notices several discrepancies in her life including conflicting origins claiming she was formed from clay and the biological daughter of Zeus. "Wonder Woman comes out of ... [Read More]
Sharknado 4 The 4th Awakens trailer teaser

Sharknado 4 trailer is raining men

Sharknado 4 is inundated with hunks including male strippers exposes the revealing trailer. A dancer steals the show using pelvic thrusts as shark repellent. Could be the sequel to the Syfy movie Lake Placid vs. Anaconda? Sharknado vs. MANaconda. This might seem like a low blow even for Sharknado but the franchise is ... [Read More]

Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu Reverse Harem!

Naruto Shippuden reaches its exciting climax in "The No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja." The Fourth Shinobi World War is revealed to be a scheme to resurrect Kaguya, a god-like alien who is the mother of all chakra used in ninjutsu. Kaguya intends to take back her chakra from mankind and feed their bodies to the God's Tree to ... [Read More]