oxyMORONICI recently saw this little gem (pictured left) when I tried to hotlink MY OWN picture on MY OWN site with MY OWN ImageShack account!

Apparently hotlinking is okay so long as you don’t use it. Hell, I wasn’t even hitting their stupid 100mb per hour limit! Hopefully this won’t retro-actively effect any pictures, if it does let me know.

For those of you wondering why I don’t host them on the site -WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!? Do you think I’m made of bandwidth? I’ll be using CNET’S AllYouCanUpload.com from now on. Bon voyage Monsieur Froggy.

Seems AllYouCanUpload is just as bad. They’ve deleted the above picture, which is weird because it’s basically giving them free advertising. I’ve been using TinyPic.com for a while now and haven’t noticed any problems (yet).