Scientifically Accurate Superheroes
Have you ever wondered what animal based superheroes would be like in real-life? Careful what you wish for.

Fox network’s Animation Domination HD (ADHD) YouTube channel has some irreverent parodies of your favorite childhood cartoons: Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man and Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles.

The new lyrics feature particularly disturbing animal facts like how spiders shoot web out of the butts and turtle shells bleed but special attention is given to animal penises! Spider-Man’s tingly parts fall off in order to mate and in the process hit Mary Jane in the face. The Ninja Turtles are so big can give themselves head, which is apparently why April O’Neil hangs out with them in the first place.

I can already picture the next parody: Scientifically Accurate Thundercats. Instead of Lion-O’s sword growing, it’ll be his penis. The narrator will mention how cats have barbed penises, then cut to Cheetara walking funny. After explaining about cats in heat the narrator will declare: “Thudercat’s Ho!”