Batman '66 #1 (sound-effect)

Batman ’66 #1 recreates the look and feel of the classic 60s Batman TV show.

Artist Jonathan Case (Dear Creature) makes the artwork literally jump off the page with blue outlines that give it a 3D effect. Hopefully, you’ve still got those red and blue glasses but it looks great even without them. Case also uses brightly colored Ben-Day dots popularized by comic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

The digital comic takes advantage of its modern format to recreate all those great onomatopoeia sound effects minus the actual sound, which is a shame because it can easily achieved using augmented reality (AR).

Writer Jeff Parker (X-Men: First Class) keeps all the cheesy dialogue, including the cape crusader’s fondness for the letter of the law.

The world’s greatest detective realizes something’s afoot when a plane swoops down on an award ceremony. Bruce Wayne declares, “That pilot is flying below the federal aviation administration’s regulated altitude!”

Even worse: he’s littering!

Batman '66 #1 (plane littering)
The pilot is none other than the Riddler, who liberates Lady Gotham for his trophy case. He escapes, leaving only a riddle behind.

The cliffhanger ending teases the next issue by posing a series of questions just like the TV show but it’s just not the same without the dramatic reading by narrator William Dozier.

Batman ’66 is a super comic but if the artwork was accompanied by sound it would make a truly dynamic duo.

Will DC Comics take my suggestion? Will L7 World review Batman ’66 #2?
Find out next week!

Batman '66 1 (cliffhanger)