Family Guy brings back Brian in Christmas miracle (Brian and Stewie Christmas photo)
Fans were shocked last month when Family Guy killed Brian, the family dog. The Griffins replaced Brian with another dog named Vinny voiced by Tony Sirico (Sopranos) but Stewie wasn’t ready to let go off his best friend. He wasn’t the only one. More than 100,000 people signed a petition to bring Brian back from the dead. Their wish came true on the Family Guy Christmas episode “Christmas Guy” but it was planned all along revealed creator Seth MacFarlane.

“I mean, you didn’t really think we’d kill off Brian, did you?,” MacFarlane tweeted. “Jesus, we’d have to be fucking high.”

Family Guy brings back Brian in Christmas miracle (Christmas Guy Vinny - Tony Sirico)Stewie breaks down and cries when Santa asks him want he wants for Christmas. The heartbroken boy explains that all he really want is best friend…

“And I’d like a bike too,” he adds.

Vinny attempts to make his wish come true by pretending to be Brian. He dresses up and attempts to talking about politics, then gives him a bowling shirt for Christmas. Stewie doesn’t buy it but appreciates the thought, the bowling shirt… not so much. They go to the mall to exchange it and encounter another Stewie with a time traveling machine, which they steal to save Brian. Stewie explains that when the timeline resets they’ll have never met each other but Vinny encourages him with some tough love.

“Hey, I’m man’s best friend,” the dog declares. “Not some stupid babies best friend, right?”

Stewie says he’s a “good dog” then travels back in time to push Brian out of the the way of speeding car that hit him. Future Stewie vanishes as a result of the paradox. Only Brian knows what happen so he shows his appreciation by giving Stewie a Christmas photo of the two of them. It’s a Merry Christmas to all except for Vinny who is probably about to be put down at the pound.