U.S. Air Force reveals Godzilla contingency plan (Godzilla King Kong Empire State building)

Airplanes made short work of King Kong but Godzilla doesn’t climb skyscrapers. Rest assured that the U.S. Air Force is preparing for the possibility of a real Godzilla attack at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Japan is its stomping ground according to Master Sergeant Jason Edwards of the 18th Wing, Public Affairs.

“Kadena is the keystone of the Pacific due to our strategic location,” Edwards told Air & Space magazine. “We are able to quickly respond to any threat in the region to include Godzilla should he come to Japan, which I guess is a thing.”

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When asked specifically how many personnel and aircraft they would need to deal with the monster, Edwards simply said “seven” without further elaboration. We would also get reinforcements from our allies. The Japanese would lend a very large hand from the Power Rangers’ Megazord.

Tactically, they would keep their distance to avoid any physical attacks and watch out for Godzilla’s atomic breath said Senior Airman Mark Hermann of the 33rd Rescue Squadron.

“If he goes underwater, the Navy can deal with him,” Hermann added.

Hopefully, they’ve managed to reverse engineer the Oxygen Destroyer.

Godzilla’s strategy is a little less orthodox. He’s preparing by taking dance lessons. Watch as he uses some fancy footwork to dodge missiles.