Family Guy Book of Joe skinny Brian runner nipples Stewie

Family Guy killed off Brian just this year and he’s already back on death’s door in this week’s episode “Book of Joe.” Brian takes up running to impress a girl. The out of shape drinker and smoker nearly gives up but he experiences a phenomenon known as a “runner’s high,” a euphoric state caused by the release of endorphins. He has an idyllic dream sequence to the song “Runnin’ Down a Dream” by Tom Petty. Brian starts to waste away from his addiction to running.

Stewie is shocked by his transformation. The malnourished dog is covered in band-aids on his prominent nipples, which have somehow increase in quantity to 10. He only had 6 nipples in “A Fistful of Meg” in which Brian shaved all his fur to get back at Peter walking around nude. He still looks healthier than in “Screwed the Pooch” when Peter imagined Brian would become a stereotypical fat woman after being neutered. Rest assured that Brian will get help from Stewie, who isn’t about to lose his best friend twice.

Family Guy Book of Joe skinny race Brian runner broken leg Stewie

Brian quits eating what he disparagingly calls “fuel” then decides to run the Boston marathon despite Lois’ concerns.

“But what is that sexy boy has another bomb?” asks Lois (Alex Borstein).

Brian eventually dumps his girlfriend because she can’t keep up with him. He becomes obsessed with chasing the runner’s high. Stewie says he looks unhealthy but Brian brags that his heart-rate is down to 4 beats per minute. Stewie tries talk some sense into him again on the day of the race.

“Stewie, I know you worry, and no offense, but I’m not taking advice from someone who eats bread,” says Brian (Seth MacFarlane).

When the starting gun fires, Brian breaks his leg and gets trampled by the other runners. Despite his serious injuries, all he needs is cast for leg.

Family Guy airs Sunday 9PM on Fox.