Before Hollywood started churning out superhero movies, comic books earned extra cash with shameless advertising like Hostess ads starring superheroes. The do-gooders would stop supervillains from stealing the wholesome snacks or use them to get the criminals to willingly surrender. Marvel recently brought back the ads as a joke.

Spider-Verse #1 features an inverted ad titled “Late for a Date” by Dan Slott. Spider-Man attempts to use golden sponge cakes to satiate a hungry vampire named Morlun, who exclusively eats different versions of Spider-Man throughout the Multiverse.

Spider-Verse 1 Hostess Comic Book Ad Morlun

Axis Hobgoblin #2 features an another inverted ad titled “Don’t Bank on it” by Kevin Shinick. This time the supervillain is saves the day. The Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley) turned over a new leaf when the Red Skull used telepathic powers stolen from Professor Charles Xavier. The former villain is still as greedy as ever. He starts a superhero franchise that includes merchandising pastries called Hob-Stoppers, which he uses to thwart a bank robbery by the Tinkerer. True to form, the criminals are satisfied by the desserts despite being caught by them.

Batman Hostess ad parody

Axis Hobgoblin 2 Hostess Comic Book Ad Tinkerer