Scientifically Accurate Pinky and the Brain cartoon lab rats

Pinky and the Brain were lab rats genetically engineered to be comically stupid and smart but animal testing is no laughing matter reveals Animation Domination High-Def‘s Scientifically Accurate version of the 90s cartoon featured on Animaniacs.

The rodents are subjected to cruel experiments at a cosmetics company called Mo’Real, which sounds suspiciously similar to L’Oréal. The disturbing theme song explains that albino rats are used for their visible veins that make it easier to inject them with all sorts of chemicals. Not surprisingly, they’re also used for their docile nature. The experiments eventually turn them into abominations as demonstrated by Pinky’s catchphrase “narf!” He exclaims it from a grotesque mouth grafted onto his back. It’s a reference to the real-life lab rat, known as the Vacanti mouse AKA earmouse.

I think it’s same to say that we’re all pondering the same thing: WTF!?