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Simpsons 3am phone call Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

Simpsons vote for Hillary Clinton…and Donald Trump?

The Simpsons have a marital spat over whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in a new online exclusive. Marge makes up her mind to vote for Hillary after watching a parody of her infamous "3 a.m. phone call" campaign ad against Barack Obama in 2008. Trump is indifferent despite the ... [Read More]
Hardees Carls Jr commercial Emily Sears Genevieve Morton Elena Belle lesbian 3-way fantasy

Carl’s Jr commercial has threesome fantasy too sexy for TV

Carl's Jr. & Hardee's new Bacon 3-Way Burger features a spokesmodel threesome: Australian model Emily Sears, Swedish model Elena Belle and South African model Genevieve Morton, who showed off her buns in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2015. "I'm so excited to be a part of such an iconic campaign," Genevieve told SI. ... [Read More]
X-Men Apocalypse Voldemort hair Deadpool

X-Men Apocalypse gets hair–raising makeover by fans

How It Should Have Ended has released their latest parody on X-Men: Apocalypse based on over 18k comments submitted by fans. Apocalypse is the butt of jokes. He second-guesses his dubious choice of Angel as one the four horsemen. The X-Men point out that "Apocalypse" has only killed a handful of people despite having access ... [Read More]
Homer Simpson plays Pokemon Go

Simpsons satirize Pokemon Go

Homer Simpson becomes obsessed with Pokemon Go in an online 'exclusive' animation. He completely ignores his wayward children during a trip to the zoo with deadly consequences. How did Fox managed such a quick turnaround for the animation? They didn't. It's actually stock footage from "A Tree Grows in Springfield." The ... [Read More]
Captain America Civil War Zemo brainwahing Bucky

Captain America: Civil War alternate ending Bucky brainwashing

The Winter Soldier manages to resist being brainwashed in a Captain America: Civil War parody by How It Should Have Ended. When Zemo attempts to use the trigger words, Bucky simply sticks his fingers in his ears. It's a plot hole that could have been avoided had Tony Stark removed the bionic arm used to strangle his mother! ... [Read More]
Batman v Superman parody cats Batcat v Supercat

Batman v Superman parody with cats!

DC Comics superheroes have another catfight in Batcat v Supercat, the latest feline film from Kaipo Jones (Wolverine cat and Cyclops cat). Filming started months before the release of Batman v Superman, which Jones admits he still hasn't seen. The short film focuses on the premise of unchecked superpowers leading to ... [Read More]
YouTube Snoop Dogg SnoopaVision April Fools Day

Snoop Dogg debuts SnoopaVision on YouTube for April Fools

Snoop Dogg is blazing the way for immersive video. YouTube is introducing a new feature dubbed SnoopaVision. Visitors can enable it to watch 360 degree videos with Snoop providing commentary. "This technology is so immersive that sometime...man, I forget if I'm in a video or real life," touts the rapper. SnoopaVision ... [Read More]