Toonami Intruder returns

Every Saturday Adult Swim airs its Toonami programming block, which features action packed cartoons and anime but what really differentiates it are the antics of its animated mascot T.O.M. The pint-sized robot pilots the spaceship Absolution as he introduces the shows, review games and gives Toonami updates, and boy does he have a doozy this weekend. The Intruder will return in 2015!

The Intruder was eight-part series which introduced the ship’s AI S.A.R.A. and killed the first version of T.O.M. It’s return presumably means we’ll see T.O.M. 3.0 but hopefully not a replacement of fan-favorite voice actor Steve Blum. If they do add someone, let’s hope it’s former narrator Peter Cullen, better known as the voice of Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise. Also expect to see an overhaul of the Absolution, which was damaged during its first encounter with the intruder and got new engines in telephone contest that sent 5 winners on a trip to Japan.

“TOM and Sara are about to have their greatest adventure yet… and we promise, Toonami will not be the same,” teased the announcement on Tumblr.

To help promote the event the Toonami faithful are being encouraged to help the news trend by using the hashtag #intruder2 whenever posting anything regarding Toonami.

Intruder 2 teaser