Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2015 Doritos ride Bear do not attempt

L7 World presents its fifth annual* Best Commercial Disclaimers list. If you’re reading this, then you must have paid close attention to that little fine print at the bottom of screen that warns: “do not attempt.” How else would you know not to ride bears. That’s just one of the helpful bits of advice offered up this year.

Disclaimer disclaimer: Online versions of commercials sometimes do not include disclaimers as noted below.

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Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2015:

Doritos Commercial: Man performs various stunts to Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero.” He participates in the running of the bulls. “Do not attempt.” He then rides a bear like a horse. “Do not attempt. Seriously, you guys.”

Chevrolet Commercial: Test subjects chased by bear into either aluminum or steel cages. “No one, including the bear, was seriously injured or hurt during production. Do not attempt.”

Honda Commercial: Climbers blow up mountain with C4 explosive. “Do not attempt.”

Nike Commercial: Athletes get a snow day. They perform superhuman feats like smashing through glass and doors. “Professional stunts. Do not attempt.”

Petco Commercial: Boy asks for guinea pig for Christmas then violently shakes his present which is fortunately just a gift card to get a guinea pig. “Don’t shake or wrap small animals.”

Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Brother and sister fight Stormtroopers. “Fantasy Sequence.”

Energizer EcoAdvanced Commercial: Boy uses cardboard box to super size his toy rocket, motorcycle and dinosaur into the real thing. “Fictionalization.”

Taco Bell Commercial: Boy does various dares including a high dive, shaving eyebrows and parking a car on the school roof. “Do not attempt.”

Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2015